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Charles is Sterck Kulik O'Neill's Managing Director. His passion is helping businesses and their owners achieve financial success. Charles conducts results-driven strategic planning sessions, business re-engineering workshops, and customized operational review seminars. He has extensive experience in accounting and auditing, business development, and tax preparation. He has served clients in the retail, wholesale, restaurant, real estate, construction, winery, non-profit, retirement plan and service industries. He joined the firm in 1985.

Tax Planning for 2017

Donald Trump and the Republican party campaigned to make major changes in the tax policy. Until the scope of changes becomes clear, tax planning is difficult. Continue reading

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How Your CPA Has Fun

Too much of the time business owners and key employees are completely busy getting the day’s work done.  Filling orders, talking to customers, selling, ordering, and going to the bank can be all consuming. In those situations, the business owners are … Continue reading

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San Francisco Business Tax Deadline is Just 10 Days Away

San Francisco businesses must file and pay their second estimated payroll tax and gross receipts tax for 2014 by July 31st. Continue reading

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Why People Like Visiting Accountants As Much As Seeing Their Dentist

As we started talking to a business owner about growing his business earlier this month, he was surprised that I was interested and skilled in helping him re-engineer his operations.  The conversation reminded me about the limited things most people … Continue reading

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Notes to a Client Who Received an Audit Notice from the IRS

We’re talking to an increasing number of people who have received IRS audit notices.  Most have found us on the Internet after they’ve opened the mail from the IRS. Here’s an example of what we told someone with a fairly … Continue reading

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Why We Appreciate Client Referrals So Much

Sterck Kulik O’Neill is very appreciative when its clients recommend the firm to their friends and co-workers. We say, “Thank you!” for suggesting that your friends trust their accounting work to us! Why do we like clients referrals so much? … Continue reading

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New Year’s Special: Pay and Save!

If you owe your CPA, pay your account balance this week and save on your taxes! Well, it’s not just your accountant’s bill.  For many businesses and individuals it makes sense to pay as many bills as you can before … Continue reading

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3 Things to Do By October 17th if You Haven’t Filed Your 2010 Taxes

Time’s up if you asked for an extension to file your taxes back in April.  If you weren’t ready to file April 18th (April 15th was a holiday in some areas, so the deadline shifted to Monday), then this coming … Continue reading

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We’ll Help You Achieve Financial Success!

Sterck Kulik O’Neill is jumping into the blogosphere to give our clients and community an additional way to receive support in their efforts to achieve financial success. And, we also want to have some fun! Our San Francisco CPA website … Continue reading

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