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A Team Planning the Business’ Future

Too much of the time business owners and key employees are completely busy getting the day’s work done.  Filling orders, talking to customers, selling, ordering, and going to the bank can be all consuming.

In those situations, the business owners are working IN their business.  To be successful, they need to dedicate some time to work ON their business.

By working on their business, I mean that the owners and key personnel should reserve some hours to think strategically about what they want their company to look like in a year and in five years.  They should analyze what’s working in their business, what isn’t working, and what they know about their competition.

Geoffrey and I recently finished a strategic planning session with a business that included all of the key team members.  It was intense, illuminating, and very fun.

The chemistry in the client’s company was good.  That doesn’t mean that the business is perfect or that every employee loves every other employee. But, the key people were all dedicated to the business’ success. They had ideas.  They were invested.  The business is set to change for the better because of the time we spent together.

When we talk about “strategic planning” or “business development” too often we make the process sound like taking medicine.  It’s good for you, but not very pleasant.

But when they are conducted right, strategic planning sessions are meaningful, rewarding, and enjoyable.  Releasing the ideas that have been rattling around the back of your head feels good. Making decisions, creating action schedules, and sharing your vision with the people you work is real progress toward growing your business.

Geoffrey and I like conducting strategic planning sessions, too.  We get to learn about our clients, their motivations and personal goals.   Not that we don’t love spreadsheets and filling in tax forms, but helping people define their own version of financial success and helping make plans to attain it is simply better!

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