How Much Does It Cost…?

Potential clients understandably want to know how much our services will cost them. However, most of the work we — or any accountant — does is charged according to the amount of time it takes to do the work. This means that there is no price list I can share with people considering our services.

Your cost will depend on how complex the work you need done is.  And, on how clear the information you give us is!

Tax Preparation ToolsTax preparation is a good example of how costs can vary, even for people in similar circumstances.

You may record all the income and expense information for the year in the tax organizer we give you. In that case, our professionals can efficiently enter the details into the software, and your preparation costs will be minimized.

Another client may be too busy to tally their expenses, charitable gifts, and various sources of miscellaneous income. Instead of filling out an organizer, this client hands over the proverbial shoe box of receipts for our team members to organize and sum up.

We’re happy to accommodate both types of clients.  But, the categorization and summing of the year’s income and expenses — as mundane as the tallying is — is going to take our team members some time to accomplish. This means the other client will pay more for us to prepare their taxes than you do.

Because of your organization and prep work, as partner Charles Sterck says, your fee for the mundane will go down.

You get to decide though.  Is your time worth paying for the mundane?  Let us know!

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