Get an Automatic Extension to File Your Taxes!

Tax Season is over for us!  The office will be closing at noon today and we’ll be back on Thursday, April 17th.

Our last phone call from a potential new client asking for tax preparation help came yesterday at 10:25 am. At least we hope that was the last call!

We couldn’t help the caller file the taxes by April 15th.  They’d waited too long to pick a tax preparer and get their information to us.

Haven’t Filed — Here’s How to Avoid a Hefty Penalty

Yesterday, and for the past few days, we have been telling prospective clients to submit an extension request form to the IRS.  That will give them until October 15th to formally file. We’ve also set up callers with appointments in our office later this week so they can give us their tax information.

But, whether you plan on getting professional tax help or do it yourself, file the automatic extension request today.

Download the Form 4868 from the IRS website, print it, fill it out, and mail it so it gets postmarked April 15th!

And, if you have a complex return we can help you with, please contact us Thursday after 8:30 am at 415.433.4500.

The IRS grants an automatic extension to file your tax forms, but the law requires that you pay what you owe by today.  So, if you think you may have to pay the IRS this year, enclose a check to cover your estimated shortfall with the extension form.

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