Why People Like Visiting Accountants As Much As Seeing Their Dentist

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Are you getting what you want from your CPA?

As we started talking to a business owner about growing his business earlier this month, he was surprised that I was interested and skilled in helping him re-engineer his operations.  The conversation reminded me about the limited things most people think accountants do.

It’s not the clients’ fault!  Many accounting firms keep themselves busy filling out forms and producing standard financial reports. We do a lot of this compliance-type work, too.

But, when business owners see their CPA only for boring, or pain-producing, numbers sessions filled with technical financial terms and spreadsheets, they are not getting full value from their accountant. They certainty aren’t going to want to call the accountant for advice.

Accounting would be unrewarding for me if all we did was report on what had happened in a business’ or a person’s financial life. Focusing on the past and completing mandatory forms isn’t that interesting for me nor particularly valuable for a client.

I like using the numbers we discover as tools to help a business owner grow their company, become more profitable, or improve their quality of life.  The business’ numbers can be used to spotlight areas of opportunity or to warn about potential weaknesses before those dangers actually impact the bottom line.

I enjoy talking with clients about their personal passion which pushed them into starting their business.  As they tell their stories, we learn together what makes their business unique, what they do better than anyone else, and where they want to take their company.

As we focus on plans for strategic growth, talk about their unique selling proposition, and discuss marketing, pricing, and cash flow for expansion, I feel like our accounting services are truly helping the client’s business.  We’re moving from compliance, through data analysis, to actual knowledge, and wisdom.  We are working together to use information which the owner can rely on.  That’s fun!  And, valuable!

The accounting field has many practitioners who seemed to have picked the profession because they are more comfortable with numbers and rules than they are with people and personal initiative.  There’s nothing wrong with going into accounting because you’re better with spreadsheets than networking.  But, that’s not why Geoffrey Kulik, our team members, and I decided to provide independent accounting services.

My passion is helping small businesses and their owners define and achieve financial success.  It’s exciting and energizing work!

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